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Divide & Design with Lisa Calle

Do you feel overwhelmed when gazing upon a quilt feeling anxious that something creative and beautiful is beyond your scope? Have you observed pieces designed by quilters and thought "where do they come up with such originality?" You are not alone, and the cure for such reluctance is just a class away. With Lisa's 3 step process you will approach the idea of quilting in a completely new way. Over the course of this class you will divide large areas of your quilt into manageable small spaces, gaining the confidence and skill needed to produce a design that will make your quilt top sing and have you smiling with pride! You will soon discover that anyone can transform the everyday quilt into a masterpiece, and moreover turn those special quilts into treasured heirlooms. So don't let Quilter's Agoraphobia keep you from doing what you love; let Lisa's class provide the freedom needed to bring out the quilter in you!

AccuQuilt GO! Club

Have fun exploring all the ways to bust that stash and make fabulous quilts with great results! Each month we'll focus on new techniques and projects. $10 each

Ribbons Parts 1 & 2

This is a workshop style class. Using solid fabrics as a starter, students will explore the power of strip piecing and experimentation with color gradations, size gradations and alternations of solid fabrics with other fabrics. Working with solids is a great way to really experiement with color without the interference of texture and patterns. The quilt shown is made almost exclusively with solids. We will incorporate some patterened fabric as the class progresses. Students can use their own ideas or instructor "recipes" for fabric constructions. Those constructions will then be cut and assembled into quilt tops. The title of this course refers to the ribbons of light and color that can be achieved with this technique.

Nov 26
Tuesday Open Sewing Day -
Nov 30
BERNINA Advanced Functions Guide Class for Machine Purchased at Ladyfingers
Nov 30
BERNINA Advanced Functions Guide Class for Machine Purchased ELSEWHERE

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