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Why Quilters Love the GO! Qube® Mix & Match Block System Pattern Book: • GO! Qube® Mix & Match Block System Pattern Book expands your options with all six sizes of the AccuQuilt GO! Qube® Mix & Match Block and Companion Sets: 4", 6", 8", 9", 10" and 12". • In an effort to help you save time and effort, AccuQuilt has simplified the cutting process and designed the GO! Qube Mix & Match Block Sets with versatility in mind. The newest die set to this series is for 4" finished blocks. In the GO! Qube 4" Block die set you’ll find eight shapes: two sizes of squares, two sizes of half-square triangles, a quarter-square triangle, an on-point square, a parallelogram and a rectangle. • When you combine the 4" Block Set with the GO! Qube Companion Sets, you will be able to cut the pieces needed for 216 different patchwork blocks! • In this book we focus on 12 blocks and give you yardage requirements and instructions for making a 4" Qube sampler quilt. In addition, if you own any of the other sizes of GO! Qube Mix & Match Block Sets, you can make this same sampler quilt using any of those block sizes. • No matter which project you decide to make first, our instructions will guide you on the path to success. • 64 pages with instructions for making 3 stunning Sampler quilt projects and 12 block ideas using the GO! Qube Mix & Match Block sets. About the designer, T

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