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Modern Triangle Quilts
by Rebecca Bryan
for Stash

Ready to take the triangle challenge? Choose from 70 pieced modern triangle blocks and 11 exquisite quilts that wow! Fourth-generation quilter Rebecca Bryan is back?this time with beautiful 3-sided blocks sewn from pieced stripes, chevrons, curves, and more. A dedicated graphic design chapter will help you choose a winning color palette, play up unexpected elements, and achieve balance and symmetry. Grab your favorite ruler and the full-size block templates to create equilateral, isosceles, and right triangles with ease. With no tricky seams, these sampler blocks are perfect to mix and match.

+ 70 pieced triangle blocks equilateral, isosceles, and right triangles form bold, geometric designs.
+ 11 sampler quilts! Sew interesting, edgy blocks that are simple to piece with no set-in seams.
+ Explore color, visual texture, balance, and more in a chapter about graphic design.
112 pages


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